D.C. Anderson - Blue Summer Day (2CD)

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One critic described New York based actor and cabaret performer D.C. Anderson as having "a sly sense of humour with a winsome, almost childlike charm...Anderson can break your heart as readily as he can break you up." In a review of this double CD, Don Heckman of The Los Angeles Times said, "Anderson can sing a standard such as Second Time Around with storytelling mastery, and he can deliver new material with the sort of musical understanding that is a delight to songwriters.With 30 tracks, all of them engaging in one way or another, this is a marvellous way to meet one of cabaret’s compelling performers."


DISC ONE: Blue Summer Day - Cow Imagination - Music To Operate By - Mrs. Donaldson - I Leave In Doubt - Song For Sarajevo - You Should Be Ashame-ed - Second Time Around - I Haven't Time To Be A Millionaire - Potato - Flintstones - I'm Stepping Out With A Memory - More Than I Can Bear / Let Me Steal Your Heart - So This Is Goodbye - Box Of Visions.

DISC TWO - How's Your Little Act - Is It Peace or Is It Prozac - God Bless Fern Davidson - Whoever Gets Me - Soon After Christmas - Not For The Squeamish - God Loves The Irish - Parade - Paul - The Valley - Get Out and Get Under The Moon - Would You Let Me? - Waiting For You - Letter - The River 

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