Emily Saxe - Keeping You In Mind

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Emily Saxe comes from a long line of gifted musicians including a grandfather who collaborated with Johnny Mercer and a mother who's an accomplished jazz pianist, and she brings her musical legacy and talent to the fore in her debut album. Through arrangements that are jazzy morsels of contemporary Americana with rootsy intruments and hypnotic rhythms and textures, her silky voice shines, whether it's breathy and wistful, playful and teasing, or plaintive and longing.


1. Keeping You In Mind
2. With Every Breath I Take
3. Invitation To A Dance
4. He Was Too Good To Me
5. The Last Day Of Summer
6. Rainbow Sleeves
7. Get Happy
8. Walk On By
9. Taking A Chance On Love
10. Goodbye Again
11. Azure
12. You Wake Me Up

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