Lee Lessack - I Know You By Heart

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Lee Lessack’s supple and warm tenor is well suited for romantic crooning, but it is his ability to dig deep into lyrics that has won him legions of fans.

Scott Mallinger of Au Courant Magazine said, "Listening to Lessack is like hearing a male Nancy LaMott, and I cannot think of a higher compliment. Whether tackling songs of love and hope or bittersweet poignancy and loss, Lessack never falls into the trap of melodramatics to set a mood. Instead he allows the songs to reveal their own hidden layers of meaning. He knows the importance of each word, of each syllable, and communicates them beautifully."


Dreamers - It Feels Like Home - Storybook - The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress - I Know You By Heart - Dreamscape - When October Goes - Much At All - I Can See It - I'll Imagine You A Song - Endless Night - Right As The Rain / Soon It's Gonna Rain - Perfect

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